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Reel based games, pokies, slots and fruit machines. Different markets know them by different names and we've spent over 10 years creating music, sound effects and voices for them. Whether you're developing a hi-tech or lo-tech game we're confident that we can provide you with original exciting audio to help your product stand apart from the rest. We work very closely with games designers to ensure they get exactly the right audio for their products.

Please use the Audio Player to hear a demonstration of the wide variety of audio we can provide.


Our sound effects library is vast so if you are looking for casino sound effects then you have come to the right place. We've got dice, cards, chips, roulette wheels, casino ambience and more. If we haven't got exactly what you want , we'll find it or make it.

If you have musical needs why not give us a spin. We have a well equipped recording studio and talented people inside it. Whether it's console games, radio jingles or movie soundtracks we can help turn your ideas into reality.

We also have an enormous array of studio quality sound effects at our disposal. So if you need hard to find sounds like the impact of a snowball, the beating of birds wings or footsteps on any imaginable surface then we can help you out.